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  1. Happy birthday Trent!

  2. Was a good Prep, everything we did wrong was in the first Round. 

  3. Thanks for hosting the event Laura. My return sets are good now!

  4. If I place in Laura's competition, all money is going to return sets 

  5. Tons of events this week + 3v3 tournament live again 

  6. F2P Prep vs UB Friday!!

  7. Big pk trips this weekend, everybody be on if you can. 

  8. P2P Prep today "eskedit" as some say these days 

  9. Now look at us, look at the accomplishments we have achieved. Look how far we have all come. #irpride

  10. Remember when we closed Ascent when we re-opened. Well they just re-opened lol

    1. Colossal


      idk who that even is tbh

  11. I cannot wait for the weekend trips!!!

  12. P2P pking tonight around 9-10 est.

  13. Congrats to Power G and Kaned on Passing Tank Tests! Proud members!!!

    1. Thau23


      Gratzzzz boiz

  14. Action packed weekend!!

  15. P2P Trip Sunday LETS DO IT AGAIN!!