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  1. Check out Announcements for NEW Prep Requirements 

  2. Have a P2P Prep today ! Be on and win this thing!

  3. Hey, join my guild.

  4. School + Work kicked my ass this week. Enjoying my 2 days off now!

  5. Pro tip: When in NMZ use Ancient Mace for spec. Free prayer.

    1. rtard


      Damn you're broke homie

  6. Get on now for p2p inners!

  7. Had Hella fun pking tonight with the boyz of IR

  8. We keep training, we keep practicing and we get the job done.

  9. Gavin, grab me some asian giril digitsssssssss. Have fun m8

  10. 3-0 Boys! Great work all around! 

  11. Prep today! Also a drop party will be done right before, so be on!


  12. 99 Range Boyz!

  13. Be on for inners tonight! Perfect practice makes perfect! 

  14. Gaining Gainz and NMZ. Can't wait till maxed


  15. Great work this weekend lads! Get your 3v3 teams set up! I wanna see who can bring the "A' Game