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  1. Great Job Vs Misfits in a 16v16 Great work boys keep it up!

  2. Great performance today guys, excellent work from punishing in f2p, to the p2p slaughter. GF world.

  3. Great Job today boys! keep it up! be ready for P2p Trip tommorow! Stay Intense!

  4. Happy Fourth of July intense  redemption, stay safe everyone 

  5. Great Trip today boys! be on for p2p tomorrow lets get it!

  6. Get on for f2p trips boys lets go!!!!!!!!

  7. fucking killer pkri today, you guys are fucking amazing

    1. Thau23


      Was so nuts

  8. This clan is my home, and I appreciate every single one of you, wicked weekend,. keep it up Boys!.. And Kimmy and Laura!

  9. Yo! we have a donation bar to help keep our website up every month if you guys got 1-5$ laying around help us out! Thanks YOU!

  10. This clan is my home

  11. also! if anyone wants to donate to my gold ore fund I will gladly take whatever ore you don't want!

  12. Be on for Prep tomorrow bring your A game my dudes!

  13. Grats Titans

  14. Rip the cavs lelelelel

  15. Happy Birthday Intense Redemption. Forever My Home. 10 years of Intensity.