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IR Clan

World 14

Team-26 Cape & Turquoise Hat

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91 Lunar 528

I have a bot name

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91 Lunar 528

What's good y'all,

I got a bot name and get removed from clan chat sometimes.  I figured I'd let yall know I do really well anti pking with a bot name.  Much better than I do hunting by myself.  I get most of my solo pking enjoyment sitting at air orbs and killing pkers.  I'll also sit at green drag east and crush bot hunters.  It's a blast 


Anyways.  Try out anti pking it's fun and I can do it on Mobil because most people who pk bots arnt good.

Favorite spots,

Air orbs 

Green drag east or west, 

Any wildy slayer spot(pretending to to slayer)

Mage arena 

Fire gaints

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91 Lunar 528

If you guys any more great places for anti pking let me know.  I've also done greater and lesser deamons but better pkers roam out there and on Mobil it challenging 

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You are a smiley face in the cc. No rank would kick you out of our CC for that reason alone.

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