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  2. Nice job boys, looked like lots of fun!
  3. Today
  4. NextLevel208

    Mfers were hiding in the sewers like Charlie and Dee did in that one episode of It's Always Sunny
  5. dragwagwan

    Thanks Q! Last song is Zac Waters - A Lot Like You
  6. Really fun trip. SUP went MIA just like half their rank team LMAO
  7. Dats_Bootay

    I feel like I am going to die a lot in p2p lol but good shit guys.
  8. Killin Skill

    Best F2P Trip so far imo!
  9. nice work to everyone!
  10. i wish i was there witch u gush !
  11. LOOKED LIT nice job boys
  12. Respect to any clan who isn't Supremacy. At least these clans fight us.
  13. ma boissss secures the cave, gj!
  14. ez smoke today boys lets do it again tomorrow
  15. @dragwagwan best music, whats the last song
  16. Null x void

    I wish I could have came today :(, I had to deal with some family things
  17. Saturday, July 21st, 2018 Intense Redemption vs Rev Caves Smoked Idiots everywhere warming up for tomorrow's P2p Sunday trip. Peaked 30 in cc and dominated everything. Ran into MF once and never saw them again. Post pics;
  18. walowalo

    Where the FUCK was my punching bag sup??
  19. Yesterday
  20. Class trip lads, do it all again in p2p tomorrow!
  21. What a day it was to be IR.
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