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Team-26 Cape & Turquoise Hat

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  2. Valk3x3

    indeed can confirm aw3som3
  3. Anthoni

    IR does it best tho.
  4. Xhesi

    Love a good gwas
  5. James Barrag3d

    runescape sucks kys fag no1 cares
  6. Titans

    LOL that’s actually awesome.
  7. Austin

    Who are you l0l
  8. Walnuts

    that says outrage not ir retard
  9. vulpix

    outrage debut?
  10. touch ur pig

    Fucking awesome job!
  11. damn i look cute barragin in chaps
  12. ez enough that they even allowed me to come
  13. Easy win for intense redemption. Just like riding a bike
  14. Caddiee

    great job guys
  15. Qualid

    Looked ez gz ir
  16. Aiselia

    Gutted I had to head off before this! Looked easy af
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