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  1. Today
  2. Well done!
  3. Fuck em up rack em up
  4. Was fun slapping them around
  5. Was fun, good job all
  6. very good night for IR.
  7. gucci guwop
  8. first 2 rounds are fib, the rest are me. ez pz
  9. Wow good shit guys, can't wait to join in on these trips.
  10. Typical (insert my favorite word)
  11. Yesterday
  12. damn bro.. they just did him in dirty in sup. what a faggot for a leader.. no wonder sup can't escape edge on a weekend.. lead buy autistics like this guy. IR should show this kid how leading is done. this is why i'm Proud to be IR. mustafa if you see this come join IR we understand people got lives and problems.
  13. Mustafa come to IR and leave that abuse, also why would you wanna keep losing sets when you can save them with us hahaha.
  14. That's gotta hurt lol...
  15. And that's a perfect reason why their clan has always and will be at the bottom.
  16. Wow.. Some interesting shit.. This is why its good to be IR.
  17. Some weird dudes over there man.
  18. That’s called ... poor leadership.
  19. Holy shit, who would want scum like that as their leader
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