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  2. 5706

    Good stuff boys, solid rounds
  3. rtard

    Wish I could’ve been there to taste their cw tears
  4. Mitch

    good shit my hittas
  5. Today
  6. Dats_Bootay

    Awesome job guys!!
  7. Titans

    Keep it up.
  8. 2ndch4nce

    WIsh it was a 3-0 but solid performance all around
  9. walowalo

    Very solid round 2/3
  10. Kai

    Great job today boys! Loved the energy
  11. Free Wallet

    Gz IR!!!
  12. Travon

    Good stuff boys
  13. Anthoni

    noice job IR
  14. S K Y N E T

    Skybuts distant relative skynut also did this to them
  15. Colbin

    skybut did this
  16. Hunter

    skybut did this to them
  17. Bezem

    Sick last 2 roundss
  18. Rick

    Good stuff boys.
  19. Salvo

    Was a great prep. All round we did a fine job. Can clearly see all that inners paying off.
  20. Austin

    @Applicant @Clan Friend @Elder @Founder @Elite @Leader @High Council @Member @Officer @Proud Member @Retired @Senior @Veteran @Warlord @Guest
  21. Leaninn

    great job everyone IR ON MY CHEST
  22. Friday September 21st, 2018 Intense Redemption vs Apex F2P Prep 2-1 (38v38) Today, the Big Blue Sabertooths went up against Apex today, and walked away with a well deserved victory! Well deserved win today guys, massive tanks and clutch binds. We stuck to our piles, and had bang units going. Round two we caught tons of people sticking out, leading us to a victory only losing 9 people the fight. Round 3, we caught tons of binds, only losing 13 people. Great job today guys! Shout out to Zo and Titans for their great HYPE calling! Great day to be IR ~ Videos ~ @Tea @Bezem ~ Round 1 ~ Lost ~ Round 2 ~ IR Starting: 36 Apex Starting: 36 IR Ending: 27 Apex Ending: 0 ~ Round 3 ~ IR Starting: 38 Apex Starting: 38 IR Ending: 25 Apex Ending: 0
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  25. Marcus

    this clan is actually going to close omg rofl
  26. Mattdv

    HAhahahaahhahahahaaha HOLY SHIT this is gold, yuck
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