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    Sunday April 7th, 2019 Another Sunday, another massive and action filled trip for Intense Redemption. We set out with our sights on the small and I mean very small supremacy who peaked at 45 pures(including 5 of our leaks), but with our strong peak of 80 PURES the pure world set their sights on us and we were forced to retaliate. In numerous clusters we would remain on the battlefield and take on multiple clans from all sides. But we still found time to have a blast bullying supremacy close to too many times to remember, in multiple locations we terrorized them until they were forced to beg the failed main rev team known as rev warriors to put on their capes and still have less on cape counter than us LMFAO. ~ Videos 🎥 ~ @Evan @The Narcos @Taka IR vs supremacy We started off our day by logging in on the little yellow rats west of Bandit Camp. Instantly 5 of them panic teleported despite it being a single zone area LOL. A free loot fest including the generous donation of an AGS to @nawe's bank ensued. It didn't take long but the harsh treatment they were given had them reduced to an embarrassing 10. These last 10 that didn't tele out and managed to stay alive did so only to give low iq sup leadership time to call rev warriors TO A SINGLE FIGHT L000L they would then use this very cringe tactic to try and claim a victory as if their members didn't just have a miserable experience to start off their p2p trip. IR vs supremacy Logged in on these already demoralized rats in single once again. This time at Gay Bar we once again made quick work of them and I personally witnessed multiple sup members using the stairs inside the bar to try and dodge combat because they were having such a miserable experience haha. Reduced them to below 10 and left to bank our loot. Featuring: supremacy/Fatality/rev warriors/pink cape clan/Legacy In pursuit of the rats at supremacy we rushed FoG area and quickly bullied them off the map. Turned our attention north afterward and destroyed both Fatality and a random pink cape clan. After this rev warriors showed up to our southeast, about 10 minutes late to help their masters supremacy, quickly got on top of them and swatted them like the irrelevant flies they are. By this point Legacy had also been in the mix for a little while and we got into a small tussle with them as well. Started a fight with 1-7tality at Chaos Altar and immediately got a strong push and wrap on them obliterating their north side. We continued mopping them up pretty easily before other clans began showing up turning it into another cluster.. Featuring: Critical Damage/Fatality/Legacy With the arrival of CD to the east the fight became a cluster, we continued to focus and pound 1-7tality until they had much less than us remaining on the battlefield. Fought it out with CD for a brief while and got out soon after Legacy showed up to finish off Fi. IR vs supremacy Caught these clowns moving from Ghost Hut to CA south of the trees and caught them in multiple juicy clumps forcing them to teleport out almost instantly. EZ. IR vs Fearless After deleting sup from the map we encountered newly reopened Fearless at CA. Initially they caught us in some clumps but we soon caught some on them as well and were beginning to bring the fight back to near even opts before it was crashed. ~~~From this point on supremacy had been so thoroughly demoralized they invited rev warriors to put on their capes for the remainder of their garbage trip~~~ Featuring:supremacy/Legacy Found the yellow rats in the 18 Ports/Corp area and exterminated them even with the mains now in their cape. Also got some solid kills off of Legacy who were present at this fight. IR vs Fearless Ran into Fearless at pond and took a large lead on them wrapping from all sides and catching some nice clumps. IR vs supremacy Immediately after fighting Fearless, supremacy rushed at pond and we shifted our focus to them. It wasn't long at all before we were taking an advantage on them even with their mains and they were bailed out by the arrival of Fo. IR vs supremacy Caught the rats lacking south west of Graveyard in the wilderness without their mains for some reason, instantly forced them to tele out from us and proceeded to clear them in a few spam wars(heh). Featuring: Apex/Fo/supremacy Finally we ended our lengthy and action-packed day in the Boneyard where a cluster took place. Focused supremacy and forced them to leave first, next we got some solid kills on Apex and Fo and brought a close to the trip knowing we had a fantastic one and the continuing to crumble supremacy had a god awful one. Intense Redemption Productions Feels great to be IR, See you all again next Saturday and Sunday!
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    Great to see all these new clans on the scene. Sunday’s are going to be so much more action-packed
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    can you put a nsfw tag on this next time jesus
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    Thursday 3/28/2019 Intense Redemption vs Fatality P2P Prep 2-1 (36v36) Introduction Intense Redemption Massed up 36 Big Blue Dicked warriors to take on Fatality on a waning Thursday evening. After a sloppy round 1, we tightened up and showed Fatality just why they're 1-6 in 2019 against IR in preps. Hey Fatality, Maybe Next Time. Rounds Round 1 - Attacking Loss Round 2 - Defending FI Starting: 36 IR Starting: 36 IR Ending: 8 Round 3 - PKRI FI Starting: 35 IR Starting: 35 IR ending: 14 Videos: Nawe POV Debb POV Drag POV
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    puttin this here for educational purposes, if you can understand why we do what we do you've got good game knowledge. these rounds were high tier, study them if you can.
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    26 minute action packed video hmm must suck to be in low tier clans like sup and fi
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    Good thing to see when you wake up
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    tell amenti to pay up US = WIN l000000l
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    It seems Supremacy hasn't changed their standards. Poor children.. Well done IR
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    Proud of all the guys who were there.
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    Except @GavinLiterally suiciding for like 4 rounds in a row, at least we still won them lmfao
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    Action with Apex looked close and fun, action with Fipremacy looked easy and quick haha gz lads
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