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    Well done to all of you who attended this prep. We were the underdogs in this matchup, but we did not break under that pressure. You should all be proud of yourselves and your clan-mates, as this was not an easy prep to win. Special thanks to FOE for offering us the prep. Today we celebrate a hard fought victory against one of the best P2P Clan Wars teams in the game, Final Ownage Elite. With only a 28 man pull, we managed to bring home the win with our backs up against the wall. Round one was a war that both teams were itching to win. There was one point in round one when we were down two and struggling to get back on track. Fortunately for IR, a few key players were able to play hard and bring it back for the round one win. The second round was nothing worth mentioning, but FOE took round two. Next up was the PKRI, which would decide the winner of today's battle. We stood our ground at the portal and waited for FOE to rush in. According to the cape counter, FOE rushed us with 29 while we had 28. Nevertheless, our members tanked strong and proved we do not lay down to any clan, no matter the tactics. We began dropping them like flies, as the cape counter quickly showed us up 10. Ultimately, we brought home a great victory that almost nobody saw coming. Today not only serves as an example of what we're capable of, but it also motivates us toward a brighter future for Intense Redemption. VIDEOS @nawe
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    Even though we started with a lesser pull than usual, IR still managed to push 60 big, blue beasts. Today was a great day for calling, listening, returning, binding, and any other aspect of a successful PK trip. We had action against almost every clan and came out on top of every fight. Everyone who attended today deserves a pat on the back or a tap on the ass for another successful day of killing clans and slumping Supremacy. Job well done. Here's how the trip unfolded: Our first fight was with Apex, at our usual west of bandits spot. Respect to them for wanting to fight us down opts. As expected, we controlled the fight until EOP crashed. Nonetheless a great start to the trip. Next, we gave Apex another shot without the chance for EOP to crash. We easily overpowered them and chased them all around bandits until they finally made their way east to singles. Another clean cut victory for the IR squad. Soon after we cleared Apex, we decided to surprise Supremacy with a quick hit east of bandits. We walked our dogs for a few minutes before EOP inevitabley crashed again, forcing Supremacy back to their singles homeland. Shortly after that hit, we made our way to Barbarian Village and logged in on a fight between Supremacy and Fatality in PvP. They immediately realized they were sitting ducks and made the call to return to Edgeville. What happened next perfectly symbolizes Supremacy's legacy: They returned back to Edge bank, but they ran west of Barb Village and then north through the Monastery. I guess they wanted to take the long way around while we killed them off. L00000000000000000000L To end today's trip, the boys in blue had enough of the pussy farting and decided to take on a real challenge. Our last fight was with EOP. We started the fight down opts, but we held our ground and never bent the knee. There were points in the fight we were up against them too, so it made for great action. Eventually the fight turned into a cluster and made for a great ending battle. Another awesome trip for the books, lads. Again, thank you to all the applicants and members who attended the trip. The Blue Wave continues to grow and improve. Moving forward we hope to see bigger pulls to our F2P Saturdays. Be on next week for the same domination we served today. THIS IS WHY I'M IR VIDEOS @Atoms @Unreal @Pure Koed @dragwagwan @nawe (more videos to come...)
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    Again, what a tremendous weekend for the BIG BLUE DICKS. We rolled out into the wilderness with 70 IR, later peaking at 73. Our rivals supremacy were still SHOOK from the beat down we gave them yesterday and only pulled 50, and stood in edge 3/4 of their trip. BROKEN. It was an action packed day. Had some nice fights at GDZ, Fally, Bandits, and FOG. To start off the day we had fun cluster fight at GDZ. IR vs Apex to get the action started for the day, then EOP crashed the fight and we fought them. FI then decided to crash, and they dropped number quickly. AAO decided to log in east of us for them only to be steamrolled over by IR Second fight of the day we fought FI at bandits. Third fight we saw supremacy FINALLY stepped into the wilderness 45 minutes after every other clan. FI hit SUP in Falador, and we quickly put supremacy back to edge not in the wilderness once again. Third fight was at Sperm vs Apex, then EOP crashed. Fourth fight was just north of Varrock ditch vs Apex, EOP crashed again and we fought them for a while Our last fight of the day was vs Apex again at GDZ. FI decided to crash the fight and then supremacy tried hitting us in FI capes LOL. After clearing FI and the Broken supremacy Clan we continued to fight Apex. After we cleared supremacy they ended their trip in random worlds with only 37 people & a silent awkward TS. SHOOK. What a great weekend for Intense Redemption and thank you to every single one of you who were online this weekend. Lets do it all over again next weekend! Great job everyone. Trips Cumulative damage report 🎥 @Atoms @dragwagwan @nawe @Intense Yak 📷
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    AAAYYY that's what's up. That was a perfect transition switching from FI to gwassing AAO. Sucks y'all can't get a clean 1v1 fight against FI cuz of the rivalry. I would really like to see how you guys hold up against each other. Looks like supremacy got cucked today.
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    L0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000L Footage of soup clan today :
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    P2P Sunday | July 1st, 2018 This Sunday was similar to most with another 70 man pull. Intense Redemption continues to be the first clan into the Wilderness to set the bar for everybody else's PK trips. We made our way up to bandits and waited for any clan who wanted to start the action. It wasn't long before all of the other clans made their way to the wilderness. Apex made the first move on us, but quickly died and teleported out. We stayed against the lava and waited for the next clan to rush. EOP and others then pushed in from all sides, which forced us to teleport out and hit the cluster from a better angle. It was noted that Supremacy was either logged out during this entire cluster, or joined in last. Every fight after that first cluster was identical. Nonstop action and clearing the clans that went head to head with us. Thank you for attending another great weekend PK trip, and hopefully we see you at the next ones. VIDEOS @Evan @Atoms @Intense Yak
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    im a shit nranger
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    P2P Sunday | June 24th, 2018 Today, Intense Redemption wrapped up another eventful weekend with a solid, 70 member pull. Since our rivals, Supremacy, decided to cancel their trip last Sunday, we couldn't wait to give them a big blue welcome back. Sadly, they decided to spend their trip avoiding us, even though their pull was only slightly less, peaking at 66. Luckily we were in the midst of Fatality's rivalry with Misfits, as well as FOE's ongoing beef with EOP. As well as the occasional run in with a close pulling, Apex. Therefore, there were no dull moments for the Boys in Blue. Today we enjoyed constant cluster action, great calling and listening, and hilariously easy clears when Supremacy finally grew the balls to come out to play. We couldn't have done it without each and every one of you who attended this trip. We hope to see you next weekend! FOOTAGE @Pure Koed PICTURES
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    Thanks to everyone that came @Htown for primary calling + tanking @Hennessy Cup for getting the mini and solid nranging @Bryce solid nranging @Atoms fat mage xp drops @Novak great job maging @s a vv a g e comin thru for the opts we needed and being reliable damage
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    FUcking smoked and forced off of the game
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    Nice job with the tanks!
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    Good pov. Thanks fi for the mini.
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    Some nice performances tonight
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    After the 2v2 tournament we had some members ready to go, all loosened up ready for a feast. We got word of MF and Fatality fighting at GDZ on a mid week, a nice change of pace from revs. We massed up a quick 15 and just set our auto casts on for an nice easy AFK hit. Was super juicy, clumps were fat, piling was on. Grats to @GwnMiike and @Taylor on winning the 2v2 Tourney 🏆. Shout out to @Gavin and @83 X P for a valiant effort. Thanks to @nawe for streaming ❤️ 🎥 @Atoms 📷
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