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    Ever since SUP made the fatal mistake of insulting the fabric of a clan that has, is, and will always be better in every single way, their leadership team has suffered crippling blow after crippling blow. The following laundry list of weak-minded ex-SUP ranks have retired or quit entirely since they started a war they could not win: Hebi Kim Sage Mustafa Crafted Pieter Zack/KOTJ 0mgI0wnu23 Kyle To everyone who's played a part in this taking out of the trash, I hope that you, like me, are reveling in the aftermath of a sad clan who tried to bite off more than they could chew. Their leadership team of one will be too stubborn to close, but perhaps watching them firsthand continue a sad, pathetic existence will prove to be just as satisfying as officially ending everything they've ever built. This is why I'm IR. @Applicant @Clan Friend @Elder @Elite @Guest @High Council @Leader @Legend @Member @Officer @Proud Member @Retired @Senior @Warlord
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    Vetion is now an honorary member of IR
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    Tonight we hosted a game that we created and brainstormed the ideas for. The response from the 20+ who attended was great and was really rewarding, so thanks to everybody who came out and had fun. We queued up about 60 halloween themed songs and chilled all night. You can read what we did here in this original topic: ~ Winners ~ Round 1 The player with most kills round one was @Kai -4 kills The last victim to survive was @Teddy A close runner up who came late was @Mo. Round 2 The zombie with the most kills was @Kane -5 kills The last victim alive was @power kef All winners were rewarded 3m gp. Thanks for attending!!! @Guests @Guests @Applicant @Member
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    Can anyone relate now to what I felt during every war?
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    Today we had a nice scheduled P2P prep with Fatality. Our P2P game in clan wars has been getting some practice with big minis with EOP and reps in inners and with other clans. We were confident going in and we came out with a 3-0. IR headquarters massed up 32 tigers ready to bring home the Win. After the event we had 44 IR in our discord listening to @How To Kill slaying it with some rhymes. We followed that with some nice wilderness action vs AAO and FI. As usual, it was a good day to be IR <3 @lovemaria @Josh ~ Round 1 ~ IR Starting: 24 IR Ending: 15 Fatality Starting: 24 Fatality Ending: 0 ~Round 2 ~ IR Starting: 21 IR Ending: 13 Fatality Starting: 21 Fatality Ending: 0 ~ Round 3 ~ IR Starting: 22 IR Ending: 12 Fatality Starting: 22 Fatality Ending: 0 BRING ON THE WEEKEND BOYS AND KIMMY!!!
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    got hit with copyright ft. my eyes burning
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    shout out to the new bloods that came @Oub @WhyUMadThoxD
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    To end Halloween Weekend, IR massed up 58 of the scariest scapers in sight. The trip was full of tricks and treats and of course that loot, which was nothing but sweet. We did a fantastic job of maintaining opts for our near 3 hour trip. That is exactly what we needed to happen. Guys, please continue attending, if you aren't attending and sticking around, you are truly missing out. Today we had one of the best TRIPS since our opening. We easily had the most action and easily the juiciest hits. We Gwas'd AAO twice, beat Apex+UB, cleared SUP multiple times, beat SF+ST, the list goes on. 15 minute video of pure action is below. I am so proud of everybody, lets keep up the drive, lets stay hungry and of course, continue enjoying each others company and this game. Grats Power G on 99 praye!r ~ VIDS ~ @Evan @Josh @Atoms Our first bit of action was a planned PKRI with apex east of boneyard. We quickly rushed in and caught huge clumps. The fight was instantly crashed by PX+UB+EOP. We had a nice regroup SE since the crash was anticipated. We banged out some more the cluster until the fight was swarmed by more clans. Again, IR starts off the action and the day. Our next bit of action was a rehit on the cluster. EOP+FOE were all spread north of Sperm. We ran in as a unit and picked off the stragglers. Misfits then rushed from singles and we caught them in a huge clump. Eventually FOE focused us so we got out before damage was done. Apex was fighting east of bandits. We logged in from single to hit and rush in, however every clan including SUP was logging in. We focused the kids in multi and then Supremacy in single. Eventually it was just us and EOP left in single so we got a regroup. We set up a PKRI with Apex at CA. We rushed in from Sperm hill, apex however funneled themselves through trees and we caught massive clumps at trees and at pond. We were dominating. UB then rushed in and focused us. We got a super quick regroup at graves and re-hit within seconds. It was all IR hitting UB at sperm and then focusing Apex at boneyard clearing them out. AAO then came for a visit.... AAO rushed us with 25 when we had 45 in game. They tried to crash us vs APEX but cleared them in seconds. GF thanks for the hilarity <3 MF was fighting at 26 hill, IR ran in from sperm hill flanking their west side and dispersing their fight. SUP then rushed us with 15 and they got cleared in seconds. PX came to the party after we had been battling and got out of there. GF SUP and MF We set up a fight with Apex east of bandits. They ran in and stacked their north side. We ignored their souther stragglers and bodied the north side heavily. UB crashed from NE so we pulled SW to the teleport spot. We were ready for Apex to teleport in. We caught them in a massive clump at the spot and continue to barrage and chin them until FOE crashed. GF We found Supremacy fighting Strike Team north of CA lol. As soon as they saw us they teleported or died. ST stuck around and we killed them. UB then came and we started a fight with them until EOP and the world crashed. GF SUP PX and MF were fighting north of corp. IR logged in ruins, as soon as we rushed PX was already clumped. We ran in and did a ton of damage. UB crashed followed by a few clans and we dipped out for our next juicy ass feast. IR HQ received word of PVP al kharid happening. The tigers logged in at Shantay and started roasting APEX. We then pushed out and cleared them up causing them to teleport. We got a regroup at shantay which led to a 30 man gwas.... IR rushed out of Shantay to see if UB was north, AAO logged in behind us and ran out into multi. We legit caught a 30 man clump, SF logged in behind them solidifying their deaths. SO much fucking hype LMAO GF. We set up a PKRI with Apex inside of Chaos Altar. We logged in on top of them, both of us being clumped. We had great movements anticipating a crash. UB then crashed and we were in the perfect position to take them on. We swarmed the west side catching the apes in clumps. they were down to less than 10 in game. FOE Then crashed and we got out with our heads high. GF clans Slumpremacy was about to fight BP (lol) north of sperm. We weren't going to let that happen. We ran in and just bulldozed them. BP logged in late and we caught their whole clan in a clump on heart hill. It was truly easy. GF Sup was fighting ST again north of CA. We ran in and found ST and started banging them pushing them north to corp. SUP came in from the west and tried to kill us. They rushed us at corp hill and we bulldozed them into oblivion, the whole time with MF on our asses lmao. Super easy and fun, GF. Intel said MF and Sup were at 13 port. IR crashed in on the beach with massive force clearing out the whole entire area. GF clans x4 We found SF around fortress for the end of our trip. We banged them several times and even caught them in a huge clump at bandit tele port spot. They vanished in seconds. We also fought sup when they tried to crash with 15 SE of fortress, we quickly shifted focus on them and again, took them out of the wild. After all of this, we ended with 40 still in CC. Proud of everybody today, The acton never stopped. We hit so many clans numerous times and came out on top. It was a great Sunday for everybody in a 26 cape <3
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    Context: One of the ranks at Supremacy (Mustafa) recently got dumped by his girlfriend. This lead Mustafa to stop attending trips (getting fucked by IR every weekend reminded him of his girlfriend's strap-on). Another frustrating trip for Supremacy caused 3at to react bitterly to Mustafa's absence by exposing the situation to his clan and unbeknown to him, the entire pure community. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. 3at has a record of publicly humiliating his members when they occasionally miss a trip. We at Intense Redemption wish Mustafa all the best during his breakup. It's sad to hear 3at turning against his most loyal rank when he's going through issues irl just because he missed a trip or two.
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    If you keep teaming with SUP, you'll be seeing a lot more of this from your members. It won't end well for you. Choose wisely.
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    I was first piled attacking round f2p so no vid. Hopefully someone got iit =///// Also sorry for shitty pov I tried maging today
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    Today Intense Redemption massed up 45 horrifying demons to take on F2P Saturday. We out pulled a lot of clans early and we got some fights with PX and plenty of hits on Supremacy, Apex and FI. We hit PX in P2P at CA for a nice GWAS, catching them completely off guard. We also had a moment of 3 clans going against us pushing SUP to single and then taking PX head on when SUP + AAO left the scene. Was a spooky day, gj everybody. ~Videos~ @Evan @DINGLBERRY @Josh Our first bit of action as a planned HA fight vs PX. The fight was crashed in minutes by EOP. Our next hit was on Supremacy. They were fighting Apex west of bandits. Both clans had less than 30, we quickly swarmed it up and pushed SUP out of the wild. GF <3 Our next hit again was on the rats. They were fighting Fatality east of bandits. We rushed in and killed everything in sight. Gf again We got word of PX, CD and UB all fighting east of ruins. We ran in and killed a fuck ton of CD. EOP then crashed and focused on UB. We ran north and then the action continued. Our cluster at ruins went north, we challenged PX and ran into multi. We dominated the whole fight from start until finish. PX was forced to hug single. EOP then crashed and we moved on for our next bit of action. We got word of Sup fighting Apex again, we don't let these rats get action after all the shit talking. We waved into Bandits and took them all out. Cya later Our intel said that PX was at CA in P2P. We logged in on top of them catching them completely off guard, their numbers went from 35 to 0 in minutes lmao. GF Our scouts find FI and Sf fighting at CA. We ran and took them all out. We pushed them into CA and they were trapped, it was like shooting fish in a barrel. Word spread of EOP coming so we logged before any damage was done. GF Strike Team approached us for a PKRI at 26 hill. We rushed them down a few opts and just dominated. EOP crashed minutes later ending the fun, gf ST. PX was fighting SUP at Sperm hill. We rushed in pushing PX completely off of the map. SUP then regrouped hills and we smothered them. They all fled to singles. AAO then rushed us and we jumped right on top of them as we were still solid opts. Supremacy rats were sniping us, it was a 2v1 at this point. We shook off SUP+ AAO. PX then hit us head on with full opts and we then took them on. The fight was back and forth in CA until it was crashed. GF everybody. Solid pull, a lot of new blood on today and a lot of people had to leave early <3 Tomorrow is a new day lets hold the opts and continue our dominance in the wilderness. @Clan Friend @Elder @Elite @Founder @Guest @Guests @High Council @Legend @Member @Officer @Proud Member @Senior @Retired
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    Wow Zo, you even recruited wildy bosses to kill Sup.
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    One Cape Clan Intense Redemption massed up 53 Team-26 Cape wielding storm hunters ready to blast through the DTA. Phoenix's only solid action on us was when Supremacy logged in capeless to fight against us. After their childish game, the prey was in the eye of the predator. For the rest of our 2 hour trip, we isolated Supremacy and Phoenix ending both of their trips. I cannot say that it was hard. Way too many laughs pushing Phoenix to single over and over again. Stay in the ashes. We also had hits on UB, Apex, AAO, SF, FI and bits and pieces of EOP and Foe. We ended our trip with 48 tigers ready to take on P2P Sunday tomorrow. It was indeed a solid day to be IR. Watch the Videos, they are full of ownage. ~ Videos ~ @Evan @lovemaria @DINGLBERRY
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    It feels amazing logging in every Saturday and Sunday to see 50+ of us logging in for one mission on both days. Today we pulled 63 IR and held 60+ for a remainder of our trip. We had a beautiful flow of action versus Apex and Sup, we destroyed MF and Sf multiple times. We GWAS'd AAO at falador. We got the best of PX in some skirmishes. We also moved like an ocean while fighting UB/EOP/Foe eventually moving on top of SF for a clear. Happy 1st birthday to UB, it was nice seeing our pull be very close to theirs today. We ended our 2.5 hour trip with 50 still at edge. More action would have happened if PX and MF weren't in spam wars for 30 minutes. We joined the party flexing our big cocks with more opts than both of them combined lmao. Hope everybody enjoyed the epic weekend. More to come! Check out the videos for the breakdown of the action! ~ Videos ~ @Evan @DINGLBERRY @Runefury
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    I sure did help you win, imagine me being there at the prep, 3am, doing p2p???
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    I wish I was there, grats to us Clan wars unit getting strong.
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    Stop playing that trash Town of Salem game then
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    Was fun even though I had to leave early, good job guys
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    Awesome trip! Was cool pking with so many ppl
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    Way to fucking go boys!!! We dominated, as usual. Wish I could've stayed for the whole trip. My vid is rendering, will be up soon.
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    SO much fun. Also bank was made at the drop party for @eXzeus 99 mage! I'd love to do this again!
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    Would've never been found if you didn't start closing in the boundaries. Was an epic game. @Evan @Titans We could play again with no Halloween theme. Move the battlegrounds to cities, making the boundaries the city lines. Would make for faster rounds and more action just an idea I had while we were having fun.
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    #1 hider until we had to go north of level 21 RIP
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    lol congrats to the winners, I'm sure everyone had fun. Sadly i missed it, but I'm looking forward to the next fun event!
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    damn sounded fun, 2 bad i was working
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    This shit was fun as fuck. With some minor changes to some rules it could soon be a well known staple
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    SOOOOO much fun, if you weren't there you are trash. Unless you have a vote on my app, then you're cool.
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    Great trip today everyone, had a lot of fun. Really looking forward to owning next weekend <3
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    tons of action today, enjoyed dragging my big blue dick through the wild with you all
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    I hope you guys had a blast. Had a helluva busy day. Ill be on tomorrow but will be in vegas tuesday wednesday thurs. have a good week team!
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    Hennessy Cup is not on the opposing team Hennessy Cup is not on the opposing team Hennessy Cup is not on the opposing team damn bro she really wants you dead @Hennessy Cup
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    Shoutout to @Bhux and everyone else who came to smoke out those pesky bees - real niggas