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    This is why Apex won’t prep us btw
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    INTENSE REDEMPTION massed up over 25 Sabertooths to take on Fatality in our scheduled P2P prep, after a quick 3-0, and many spams by FOE, IR took it's big dick warrers into an unscheduled big mini/Prep vs some Eagles. After a quick 2-0 in att/def rounds, our warriors became slightly weary and gave in to their PKRI but still emerged on the night with a 5-1 record in rounds. Big victory for IR tonight, and many more to come. APEX come get 'your' belt whenever you want, we'll be waiting. Alright motherfuckers, the Fatherfucking Sabertooths massed up over 25 big dick warriors to take on that legacy clan that has a undeserved statue Fatality, we quickly disposed of them. Then that shitty PK video clan Final Ownage called us out, so we stood fast and just fucking kicked their teeth in before we brought in the "Make-A-Wish" foundation squad for the PKRI and lost R3. Yo man, it's hard not being a winner sometimes but we came up with a 5-1 on the night. FUCK APEX BTW. GET INTENSE P2P Prep 3-0 Round 1: Fatality Starting: 25 Intense Redemption Starting: 25 Fatality Ending: 0 Intense Redemption Ending: 17 Round 2: Fatality Starting: 28 Intense Redemption Starting: 28 Fatality Ending: 0 Intense Redemption Ending: 21 Round 3: Fatality Starting: 29 Intense Redemption Starting: 29 Fatality Ending: 0 Intense Redemption Ending: 18 P2P Prep 2-1 Round 1: FOE Starting: 25 IR Starting: 25 FOE Ending: 0 IR Ending: 16 man we got so fucking intense, we stroked our long and hard cocks then just slid it into the buttholes of that cumdumpster fo Round 2: FOE Starting: 26 IR Starting: 26 FOE Ending: 0 IR Ending: 15 dude it was so easy that even @Finn could do it lmfao Round 3: loss With great intensity, I bring you the POVs @nawe @Ricke @robbyy GET FUCKING INTENSE, IR ON MY CHEST BRU FUCK NOX
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    June 1st, 2019 Intense Redemption went out and had an absolute blast today with 55 WAVE RIDERS. A 1v2 win, coming out on top of a few clusters, and bullying the opposition were the highlights of our day. Read on and take a gander at the pictures and videos to get the full experience! ~ Videos ? ~ @Travon @Salvo ~ Action ⚔️~ IR vs APEX / supremacy We began our trip with a smoke session of clan Apex and hybrid main/zerk/pure snipe team supremacy at barbarian village. We found them both engaged in an epic 30v30 struggle for last place and couldn't resist. Instantly we pushed sup out of the village and focused Apex down while sup regrouped in single and logged their mains in. For the next 10+ minutes we battled 1v2 with ease and eventually got our well earned victory when they both left realizing they couldn't win. IR vs RAGE Immediately after clearing sup and Apex we were rushed by a full strength Rage. Where many clans would back down after winning 1v2 we stood strong and fought them with some solid warring and returning. Initially down close to 15 when Rage rushed we had brought it back to essentially even opts in just a few minutes and were looking to take a lead just before Fo crashed very late into the game! IR vs RAGE/ Fs/ APEX Next up we found a skirmish going in inside of the Bandit Camp between Rage/ Fs /Apex and rushed in and cleared Apex as well as a few Rage and Fearless stragglers who didn't retreat fast enough with their clans. IR vs APEX/ Fs Through advanced information gathering we located Apex and Fearless battling it out on Corp Hill and showed up to remove Apex from our wilderness. Apex moved south when we rushed and we got right on top of them, destroying their clump until there was nothing left of it all while Fs hit us from the North. We fought Fearless for a short while after but with our higher opts we took control quickly. IR vs supremacy We next managed to locate supremacy trying to fight at 13 ports solely by following overwhelming stench of shit. Logged in and pushed them south of of the ports, then west into singles, and then south to the ditch like the dogs they are. Was EZ. IR vs APEX For our last hit of the day we once again located the 30 sharks, this time west of 13 ports. We bowed them out with ease and pushed them into singles where they thought they were safe. They weren't. We followed them into single where they attempted to fight back for just a few minutes before giving up and accepting defeat. ~ Pictures ? ~ Well done to everyone who showed up and put in work today, be on tomorrow for the P2P trip, and MAKE SURE to be on next weekend for our 12 YEAR ANNIVERSARY TRIPS! @Applicant @Clan Friend @Elder @Council @Elite @High Council @Leader @Founder @Veteran @Warlord @Member @Retired
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    Was too easy, 3v1 Np, come get ur belt Apex. Scared to fight Scared to Lose Back to singles You run on site.
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    Eventhough the belt smells like fish ill still gladly take it.
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    Good shit to who showed up today, we could beat any clan matched.
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    tuned into this autism. Gotta keep grinding these stats so i can attend. gj boys
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    What a day to polish the belt. Come get it Apex
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    surprised they came out of the hole to mini us
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