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    To My Fellow Warriors, Tonight marks the 710th day since we took back up the call to arms nearly two years ago. What started as a small group of former ranks taking another stab RuneScape after a long break, has blossomed into the sole remaining homegrown community in the pure world. Tonight marks the 4,254th day since Zo first opened this great clan on June 6th, 2007. The feats we’ve accomplished in that time are as numerous as they are grand. Fortunately for IR, we still have outstanding goals that we are heading in the direction of. I am here tonight to report that the state of our union is STRONG. 2018 saw IR establish itself as a titan of stability; while most of the top clans engaged in giant peaks and valleys, IR remained on its path forward. Spending much of the year competing for #1, we succeeded by finding action at all opportunities, never backing down and continuing to foster the best community on runescape.com. From closing PX to entire months of being undefeated in preps, IR made some incredible progress in 2018 and added a handful of defining moments to the hope chest. Despite the overall success we’ve had since our last recap, IR has weathered its fair share of storms in 2018 and 2019 will be no different. Despite those obstacles, our clan will continue moving forward on the back of our unique community. Much has been written in the past about stellar communities, but IR’s stands alone. Anyone who has been here for a fair amount of time will realize it is an amazing community that you will not find elsewhere. Not in the pure community, not on runescape.com, probably not in any other corner of the internet. It is the product of 11+ years of collective values and beliefs. It is the product of 11+ years of hard work from applicants through hall of fame members alike. It is the product of 11+ years of stable leadership and a dedication to innovation and greatness. Do not mistake for a single moment that our community, which is the cornerstone of our clan, has grown by magic. It has been planted and replanted. Cultivated in a very specific manner by every member, past and present, who has furthered this clan in one way or another. The collective fingerprints are ubiquitous. In 2019 IR will refocus its efforts on our matched quality, continuing to dominate the midweek circuit and seeking the most high quality action each and every weekend. Our clan wars performance ebbed and flowed in 2018, but in 2019 we plan to add a great deal of stability to our baseline performances. I have no doubt our rev units will asserting our dominance daily; terrorizing the likes of Rev Warriors and DT for as long as they remain alive in 2019. With the introduction of some new clans into the scene, the weekend trips should provide more plentiful action than the tail-end of 2018. Already in 2019 IR has broke ground for brokering a community wide agreement to drop mains. After meeting with the respective leaderships of most major clans individually, we were able to get everyone to the table for the good of the community. While the first weekend saw mixed results with some clans unsurprisingly bringing mains or relying on mains clans, it was a move in the right direction. IR is committed to our stance that we will NOT be using mains and will apply pressure to whoever decides to do so. Some of you may be concerned about the recent departure of a small handful of members. In light of transparency there was a continued disagreement in tone between some members of our staff and as a result a few good men have decided to move on in a different direction. Some friends and others who had cases of varying degrees of merit have tagged along. As a clan we wish them well in their pursuits and thank them for what they accomplished while wearing the team-26 cape. I would not be surprised if some of them may one day call IR home again. Many members have left IR in the past, myself included, but sometimes the grass is not always greener on the other side. None the less, IR will rebound swiftly from this latest obstacle just as we have with a wide array of obstacles over the past 11 years. We will continue to further our grand community and call upon those who are capable of doing more to step up. Thankfully, we’ve already heard an onslaught of support from some of our bedrock members who are already taking up this most recent call to action. Be on the lookout for a wide spread of events this week: Tomorrow, we have a GMT P2P event against BP at 3 PM EST, 8 PM GMT. Wednesday and Friday we have preps against Fatality starting at 7:15 PM EST, 12:15 AM GMT. We will be pking daily and doing impromptu bridding and mini wars throughout the week. Most importantly, remember to idle on discord and be active in the clan chat. Having put another banner year in the books in 2018, I am as optimistic as ever for what IR can achieve in 2019. It will not be a walk in the park, but we will come together as a community and march forward as we have for well over a decade now. With Intensity, IR Staff
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    93Racks coming out of retirement 2k19
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    Wednesday, January 30st, 2019 Intense Redemption vs Fatality P2P Prep 3-0 (30-30) Outstanding 42 People in the cc. With all the Pure community watching we earned a convincing 3-0 W against Fatality. ~ Videos ~ @Kodai @nawe ~ Round 1 ~ IR Starting: 26 Fatality Starting: 26 IR Ending: 16 Fatality Ending: 0 ~ Round 2 ~ IR Starting: 28 Fatality Starting: 28 IR Ending: 14 Fatality Ending: 0 ~ Round 3 ~ IR Starting: 30 Fatality Starting: 30 IR Ending: 15 Fatality Ending: 0
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    🔥 Time to come out of Retirement. 🔥
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    Not surprised, hows our asshole taste shitpremacy cheerleading squad l0l
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    You seem to be very misinformed, I'll help you clear some things up please read through this. IR has no beef with DT and is more than happy to have a normal clan politics between us where its simply pure action. Our problems come from Detrimental members massing up to aid our rivals, Supremacy. What would you do if a clan you have beef with is being aided by some another clan? You get them involved, with all the fanfare and cancer that comes along, you get the full service package. Good thing is, unlike Supremacy, we will not take this out of the game, our battlefield will be OSRS, not doxing ddosing, hacking and blackmailing. That scummy underhanded methods are for the clan that DT is aiding, Sup. You seem to not realize that DT leadership is being manipulated towards closure into Supremacy, this has happened on several previous occasions where a new clan/revs cc is being coerced into aiding Sup. What follows is that Sup will get your numbers to act as meatshield during weekend, but they wont back you up when and where it matters, such as integrating new recruits into your clan or aiding your growth. IR will chokehold you during midweeks, they will hunt you down anywhere in wilderness and Sup will not show because midweeks, especially p2p, IR is more than capable taking on both clans at same time. You will have negative feelings towards IR and more disgruntled members upon clans falling apart will inevitably join Sup, serving once again their agenda. But what will DT get out of this deal? Perhaps some of their ranks will be paid but average member gets only anguish and a salty taste. The moment you stop massing up during saturdays to go and pk with Sup these issues disappear.
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    25 - 3 vs Fi, aiming for 50 by the end of the year ?????
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    was fookin ez m8s, boy they were demoralized after that lmfao
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    You mean time for people who want to be recognized to step up mate
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    Lots to be proud of. Let's get it.
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    Haven't been here for very long but wouldn't switch to any other community, the staff put in the work to make this a lovely clan.
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    Niggas die everyday, B Forward together or hop off the train
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    good job mowing the lawn tonight boys..!
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    im fucking crying
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    🤔 hmm, rub it off and move on i suppose
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    Good trip anyone can get it Overall for the 1 hour I was there
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    First Dats_bootay, that voice was way better in my headphones Second, nah im not really off, just think its impressive and kinda cute that u put so much effort in bullying a smaller clan bc u scared to actually get fked over by us in a short period of time ;). Paying Mills to everyone that has even the slightest information about us. Well imma tell u, I GOT A DAGGER DICK, now pay me my 10M pls TYTYTY
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