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    3-0 versus a low quality clan, was easy. Sand crab recruits did this to you btw. Don't make me kill your clan like I did with Supremacy. @Applicant @Clan Friend @Elder @Elite @Guest @High Council @Legend @Member @Officer @Proud Member @Retired @Senior
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    Chapter I - The Seed is Planted Intense Redemption, a storied clan widely considered to be among the top five pure clans to ever exist, had been comfortably dormant for more than three years. In 2013, many of the ranks had gone off to college or pursued other endeavors. They decided it was best to close the clan out of respect to the high standard that had always been held. Fast-forwarding to January 2017, Zo, who founded Intense Redemption as an ambitious 13-year-old in the summer of 2007, was taking part in the LPC scene casually when he received a message from an unexpected source: Junior, a former leader of IR. Junior implored Zo to re-open IR, a thought that had lingered in Zo's mind, but not one that he had seriously considered. After further discussion, Zo agreed to gauge interest among the brotherhood of Intense Redemption that had stayed in contact for years after the 2013 closure. The overwhelming majority supported a re-opening, knowing full well that it would come with challenges. The IR brotherhood knew, however, that IR had made its name by conquering any obstacles in its path for years. Thus, the stage had been set: Intense Redemption was coming back. A pure community member caught wind of whispers that IR would be returning to the pure scene and proceeded to make a post about it on a popular pure community website. Many in the pure community couldn't fathom the idea that IR would be re-opening and rendered the idea a bunch of nonsense. Others were reminded of the times they were haunted by IR killing their various clans years ago and prayed that the door wouldn't open for history to repeat itself. Unfortunately for them, IR was indeed ready to make its mark on the pure community once again. Chapter II – The Plan IR’s re-introduction came at a tumultuous time for the community at large. Everything was split into three different scenes. HPC was dying out as no one wants to play on level 39 defense accounts, the budding LPC scene showed incredible promise and the lower leveled xLPC was helping introduce new pures to the action. From the start, our staff knew we wanted to compete with and destroy the best of the best. Our goal was to be the #1 clan period. However, we wanted to remain 1 defense and vowed to never move up to the dying HPC scene. Given our years away from the game and goal of introducing 100s of new faces to the community the staff decided to open IR as an xLPC originally. This resulted in a diverse and balanced scene, where the skillcap was accessible for people to learn the ropes, and in our case, brush up on our skills. Arguably even more important was that this scene allowed us the opportunity to introduce newer members into our community - all clans ultimately relies on new blood to carry the legacy. While some of the great members who helped us in our xLPC days are no longer around, others recruited during this period have integrated into our core and continue to be cornerstones of the clan. Meanwhile, our oldschool members came back from a 4+ year hiatus, not having touched the game, being caught up in the complexities of life. xLPC seemed like the perfect option to start off with, being a low level pure scene, it allowed our members to work on getting their accounts up to snuff and start attending trips as quickly as possible. After all, accounts had to be created, trained and quested. On top of that our rank team had to familiarize themselves again in terms of general clan management, gathering intel, leading events and engaging in diplomacy in an entirely new era with few of the old faces they dealt with in years past. Everyone knew there would be a learning curve to recapturing the innovative nature that had led IR to success in years past. With such ambitious goals outlined from the start the staff was confident it was best for the longevity of the clan that we open as an xLPC and build our blue empire from the bottom up. Chapter III – Overcoming Early Obstacles Opening a clan is never an easy endeavor. However, few things ever go exactly according to the plan. Thankfully, overcoming obstacles has never been foreign to IR, but re-opening after such a long time required the clan to be extraordinarily resilient in the face of hardships. Any transition will be filled with make or break moments and re-opening IR was no different. Many of our core members, People who are now in their 20's with jobs, school and other life priorities, had to create new accounts from scratch and train without botting. As we all know, the grind can be rough and time consuming. Beyond grinding, people needed to familiarize themselves with the game mechanics, recruit and quest. To compound the issues of our members with new accounts were our members who already had accounts ready. Core members like @Juice and @Vans were maxed pures. During our xLPC venture we had many a case of these combat gaps leading to certain members dying, being excluded from fights entirely and otherwise. Everyone always took this challenge in good faith though. We all knew it was a temporary issue that would resolve itself in time. Quickly into our journey some of the ranks who were among the loudest voices to reopen found it increasingly more difficult to balance a freshly re-opened clan with the troubles that encompass daily living. Our starting High Councils, inu and Walli and one of our Officers Luke were dragged away from us as IRL and other personal issues sprouted. Losing three high profile ranks that soon after re-opening would’ve shook most clans, but remember, IR has always been well acquainted with obstacles. Rather than turn back on the goals set out from the start, IR moved forward. Zo turned to the bullpen of former ranks and found Evan, Michael and Titans ready and eager to step up as they had all done in the past. Evan, the soul of IR, stepped up, calling, leading and creating events week after week. Mike, the most hyped rank, leading the GMT unit to its glory and refining our mid-day activity and Titans, the calm voice of reason, who has kept us on the right path and orchestrated many successful weekend trips. These three old school members, who by all means have hectic lives outside of RS, still put forth the time and effort for IR and rose to the occasion. Chapter IV – xLPC Dominance IR dominated the entire xLPC scene from the first time we set out in the wilderness all the way until we left it behind to tackle the LPC scene. Quite frankly these clans never really stood a chance. Our first official trips back to OSRS, IR pulled 40+ both Saturday and Sunday and dominated BT, Ascent, Torture, Weston and Violence. The following week as we continued to shake the rust off our rune scims, we once again cleared all of the existing xLPC clans and even had Ascent vow to “close” us which sparked off a short-lived rivalry. Ascent decided to rivalry us for almost no apparent reason, but that would not save them nor their members. Prior to the third week of action, Ascent continued to flame us for whatever reason and even went as far as to boast about their superiority as a clan. These trips also marked the first time IR pulled 50+ to an official trip since re-opening. For three straight weeks we destroyed Ascent in every single fight. We effectively barred them from the wilderness making them cancel multiple trips. After less than a month of being bullied, Ascent decided to close their clan. While Ascent was hiding from us in single or canceling their trips, we would go out and fight less scared xLPC’s like BT, Flawless and POP. The first eye opening battle we had was on corp hill when we took down 70+ BT members with just over 50 Sabretooths. While other great battles would come, this was the first time we showcased our organization to win being outnumbered by so many. A few weeks later our best highlight from the xLPC era took place against POP. Plague of Pures had been pking for a couple weeks unofficially on the weekends, but in mid April they had their first official trip. Our intel told us they had 95 people/invites with them and Flawless had almost 70 as well. As we waited for POP to finish massing and enter the wilderness, we told our 43 tigers of the massive armies approaching. Everyone was on board to stay and fight. We knew that POP were a bunch of massers and that most of those kids would not even return. After about 45 minutes of waiting, FL and POP finally entered the wilderness and a wild cluster began. We took our 43 men and strategically hill jumped taking down loads of FL and POP members. Eventually FL logged out and we moved toward CA waiting for POP to rush us. A couple of minutes later POP rushed us having dropped to 60 members and we slayed them 40 v 60. We pushed them from CA to Corp Hill despite being over numbered and finally got a full clear north of Corp. We later cleared both POP and FL again in a separate cluster despite both having many more men than we did. It was after this dismantling of POP and FL that we knew our work in the xLPC scene was complete. We had formed a solid core of 40+ active members. We were dominating XLPC weekend trips and we knew it would become easier. This was all apart of our plan though, get our feet wet, get acclimated and move on to the bigger fish. We had closed our xLPC rivals Ascent, we made our enemies of POP, Flawless, Bad Timing all fear us. Our accounts were getting stronger and our warring grew fiercer, but our appetite was not satisfied; We had larger goals that were still unmet and we knew moving onto LPC was the next step Chapter V – The Transition to LPC Intense Redemption has always been a clan that excelled in the clanning world and throughout history always competed with the very best. After dominating xLPC it was time to get back to this. While beginning the transition we were in an awkward state, majority of our accounts had over head prayers but not all. A lot of us were high 70 combat but still not quite maxed like the current LPC clans. However, we did not let this steer us away from our ambition. Intense Redemption started challenging clans like Doom and Envy. These clans were well immersed in the scene already and out leveled us dramatically. Doom, AAO, Fatality all gave us props for stepping up even though we were still so small in levels and relatively new. We balanced the tough fights with LPC clans while still dominating the XLPC scene. We as a clan did not give up, we got closer and closer to obtaining the status of LPC. We started taking rounds off of Doom and other LPC clans in clan wars. During the weekend we started going out around 3:30 Eastern to catch some action with LPC clans and then continue to dominate XLPC. Our first run ins with Doom and Envy were eye opening. We were winning and they were close battles. We knew that we had it in us and could make sure our future was bright. After we would fight the LPC clans we would go and dominate the the XLPC scene as we got a taste of both with the time slot. We pioneered our own path to get the best of both worlds. As the weeks went on, we were growing in numbers and in levels. Envy now hated us for our success, they hated losing to an “xlpc clan.” The X however, was becoming extinguished. IR was now more than ever, LPC. April came around and we were fighting Rage, EOP, Doom, Supremacy all in F2P. Our wilderness performance was getting very good. Our pulls remained between 40 and 60 sabretooths. However, we were struggling in our matched Clan Wars fights. Our current IR was homegrown. No recycled new era clanners, just the very oldschool and the newly recruited. We hadn’t won a prep yet but we were working our asses off for that taste of victory. We knew that we were all doing this together from the ground up. We knew that one win, one sweet victory would be so worth the hardship and would be such a satisfying and rewarding achievement. After having only killed 10 Doom members in 3 rounds a month earlier, we finally won our first F2P Prep vs Critical Damage on June 16th and after that we beat Apex. P2P LPC transition was not a complete dive into the deep end. IR prided itself on active mid week P2P pk trips and trust me, we had a lot of them in 2017. We were pulling constant 20+ members to these mid week trips allowing us to dabble and get acclimated. Our ranks and current elites at the time, Harmz, Kimmy, Gavin and Fibonacci to name a few, were working their assess off to greater our P2P. We were doing tons of mini wars, tank tests and inners. We again, did it from the ground up and we have created a powerful, experienced forced to date because of this. We eventually called it time to have our first P2P Official Sunday on April 30th. We pulled 60 members and what we saw was shocking. Crashing, constant regrouping, constant in and out hits. The P2P scene was nothing like it once was. We did not let this cancer steer us away, instead we learned how to make it benefit us to the fullest. Constant trial and error now resulted in our P2P Sundays being our member bases favorite event of the week. With summer beginning, everyone in IR was gearing up for the biggest event of the year; our 10th anniversary. You can count on one hand the number of clans who successfully made it to the ten year mark. It was a monumental achieved that we were able to celebrate in 2017. Our anniversary trip saw a handful of our oldschool members login for the once a year occasion. Knowing we were rapidly improving, our expectations were high. We pulled 63 for the F2P and a then high of 68 for the P2P trip. It was the first test we got at fighting with the big dogs and we performed well despite the chaos of having that many people for the first time. Chapter VI - The Dominance Begins Heading into the heat of summer, the rank team could sense that the clan was on the cusp of greatness, and continued to push forward to keep up the momentum from the spring season. Coming off of an exciting Recruiting Contest won by @Austin himself, we understood that in order to maintain and nurture this level of excellence, we could not afford to be complacent. Deciding to further emphasize the mantra “RTP” – recruit, train, post – the team continued to encourage its members to remain active and involved for the betterment of the clan. This fostered an organizational culture that not only valued diligence and perseverance, but also instilled the importance of having a continuous growth mindset. Perhaps even more important was that it also empowered members to take the initiative, as they began to realize that their efforts and contributions were valuable and not taken for granted. If there was one thing that was evident during the months of July and August, it was that the outcome of our recruiting efforts did not disappoint. We went from pulling 40 to averaging a consistent 50+ during weekend trips, even peaking in the mid-to-high 50’s. At the time, many clans found themselves with similar pulls, leading to tons of action. Whether it was a cluster at Bandits, or lengthy return fights at Al-Kharid or Falador, our members continued to hold their ground – reinforcing the notion that IR was not one to shy away from any challenge. Furthermore, members like Novak, Teddy, and Addikt continued to host frequent PK trips and drop parties to help ensure that our community continued to thrive. During this time, we continued to refine our warring through countless inners, minis, and preps. Drills that focused on synergy and fluid map movement, piling, and staying clumped contributed to our F2P dominance, especially towards the beginning of summer. Perhaps one of the most notable moments occurred early July when we prepped against our alleged “rival”, Supremacy, in F2P and 3-0’d them (which will be touched upon with greater depth in a later section). At the time, IR was more known for its F2P prowess, obtaining decisive prep victories over clans like Phoenix and Fatality. However, the clan also recognized the importance of improving our P2P game, as the end goal was to be great in all aspects and not end up as a one server clan. We made a conscious effort to work just as hard practicing P2P by hosting a ton inners that consisted of tank tests, gliding practice, and how to efficiently drop dscim/AGS specs without clumping. Moreover, we remained extremely active in clan wars by getting mini after mini in order to obtain crucial reps and improve as a whole. As September came around, we put our knowledge and experience to use despite seeing the inevitable decrease in activity as a result of summer’s end. We continued to look for new ways to improve and reward loyalty, hard work, and dedication. This led to our release of forum badges and awards, as well as tracking monthly attendance, which allowed us to shine a light on our members’ accomplishments and their commitment to Intense Redemption. Once again averaging 50-60 sabretooths at our weekend trips, our improvement in quality was evident through decisive victories over many of the other clans – both in the wilderness, and in clan wars. Moving forward, IR continued to hold its head high and march full speed ahead. However, our journey towards greatness was not met without some trivial annoyances. Chapter VII - Dismembering Supremacy What many of you may not know is that our “rivalry” with Supremacy dates as far back as 2012. Hard times for Intense Redemption meant that we had to look towards the bottom of the food chain for action, there we found a clan called Hostility (Supremacy as they are known today). Hostility kindly provided us with free wins, week in week out, even at our weakest point, Hostility would bend over for IR. For that, we will forever be grateful. Fast forward to 2017 and the clan has reinvented itself as “Supremacy”. From the moment IR re-opened it was clear that Supremacy, the clan with the same bitter leadership as back in 2012 sought revenge for the way we punished them back in the day. I suppose they thought 3 years would be enough time for them to catch up to us, whilst we were closed. Unfortunately for Supremacy, they had tremendously underestimated their opponent… they were faced against a pack of Intense Redemption All-stars. A combined unit from all different eras, working together towards a common goal. The rivalry quickly became a one-sided affair, with Supremacy taking severe punishment weekend after weekend in both servers. After several months of hell, Supremacy decided to officially declare on us in the F2P server in an attempt to salvage the losing rivalry. How did that go? Intense Redemption confidently responded by 3-0ing Supremacy then spamming “You wanted this” at the end of the prep. I speak for everyone when I say, “It was not hard, and it may have been our easiest prep win of all time, all eras”. Following this crushing defeat, many of Supremacy’s weak-minded high-ranking officials threw in the towel and permanently retired from the game. Broken. For Supremacy, bar the occasional glimmer of hope; Rage closing into them, then mass-leaving gave us one of the most defining spams of 2017 for sup “60-27”. Times have been extremely tough for them since miscalculating their opponents and setting out in a rivalry with the great Intense Redemption. They have since been reduced to nothing more than a bitter, sub-20 pulling snipe team that’s very existence revolves around trying to ruin our trips. Make no mistake, in the big picture we’re looking past Supremacy – they are rats and we’re in the business of killing eagles, pirates & sharks. But being a force for good in the pure community - when a clan hacks, Ddos’s and Dox’s its own members for no reason, uses mains and pulls every other scum move imaginable - we have a duty to continue to put them in their place. Chapter VIII - Ending 2017 on a High Note As we transitioned towards the cooler months, we continued to push forward as a clan. IR was adamant on continuing its upward trajectory towards greatness, to the point where other clans began to take notice. Even with the influx of new recruits posting their intros and applications – eager to get involved and immerse themselves within our community, we continued to sharpen our skills and approach each day with the same energy we had for months prior. IR had no intention of slowing down when it came to recruiting, integrating, and molding new recruits like TipsyM8, Oub, Keith, and Haz into the young leaders that they are today. We had no intention of excluding fun events like our Halloween Hide & Seek, Training Competition, and themed weekend trips. Further, we certainly had no intention of jeopardizing the progress that all us worked so hard for when it came to both our community and our warring. With each passing day, we tirelessly sought out opportunities which could help foster growth as a whole. Whether through our countless PKRI’s with other clans like Apex, Misfits, Fatality, and SF, or a streak of prep victories in clan wars, we continued to push forward. As we began to see an increasing number of topics within our Pure Warfare section, detailing our wins in all of their glory, newer members began to take a keen interest in their individual improvements. This interest has been key to their development in terms of warring mechanics as well as their macro knowledge. Furthermore, throughout the past few months our weekend pulls have seen an incredibly boost. It is not uncommon for us to see 50-55 on Saturdays and anywhere from 60 to 75+ on Sundays. We even had a trip a few weeks back where we peaked at a staggering 77 members. Our overall improvement has never been more evident through our massive GWAS’ and full clears on other clans as we decimate them during our weekend trips. As 2017 comes to a close, we’ve taken this moment to look back at how far we’ve come, the progress that we’ve made, and the new (and old) faces that are here to stay. IR has always been defined by our extraordinary members, so go out there and wear that Turquoise Hat and Team-26 cape proudly while staying humble and true to our values. Keep an open mind as you continue to learn, grow and improve – but don’t forget to have fun either. Take steps to get out of your comfort zone, pursue your ambitions and never stop improving. For over a decade now IR has been a family that wholeheartedly cares about each other. The clan as a whole will invest more in you than some, if not most, of the people you might meet in the real world, but you have to be willing invest back in the family too. At the end of the day, we’re looking for people who are passionate and competitive. You have to care about the clan and ALL of the members who comprise it, and you have to love winning. With 2017 winding down and 2018 on our doorsteps, we must remain vigilant as we continue to pursue the same ambitions outlined to start this blue journey. There is no room to become complacent and we must continue to attack each day with the same energy that allowed us to make it this far. While our progress to date has been nothing short of incredible, we must remember that we are not here merely to compete with the top clans, but to destroy them. As 2018 unfolds, you can expect a ridiculous amount of action as IR continues on its path to greatness. We’re talking about an abundance of lit PK trips, more spontaneous PKRI’s, tons of preps and plenty of random, fun events in general. Expect to see a variation of this clan that transcends everything we achieved in 2017. IR is on a collision course with greatness and we urge all of you to go out in the New Year and make your presence known. Don’t be afraid to make new friends. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don't be afraid to make big plays. But ultimately, never forget that that we are NOT just here for the short term – Intense Redemption is here to stay and the future is brighter than ever.
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    Ever since SUP made the fatal mistake of insulting the fabric of a clan that has, is, and will always be better in every single way, their leadership team has suffered crippling blow after crippling blow. The following laundry list of weak-minded ex-SUP ranks have retired or quit entirely since they started a war they could not win: Hebi Kim Sage Mustafa Crafted Pieter Zack/KOTJ 0mgI0wnu23 Kyle To everyone who's played a part in this taking out of the trash, I hope that you, like me, are reveling in the aftermath of a sad clan who tried to bite off more than they could chew. Their leadership team of one will be too stubborn to close, but perhaps watching them firsthand continue a sad, pathetic existence will prove to be just as satisfying as officially ending everything they've ever built. This is why I'm IR. @Applicant @Clan Friend @Elder @Elite @Guest @High Council @Leader @Legend @Member @Officer @Proud Member @Retired @Senior @Warlord
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    Salso hit me up in pm again and sent me this Good work today.. enjoy.
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    I know I'm not officially a member yet for this clan due to not having stats, being a lower level. However, the love you guys have shown me already and encouraging me to train up and actually looking at my progress topics/updates speaks volumes about this clan. I'm very glad that Zo found me at 43cb, yes 43, at clan wars while i was getting my halo. I already love the atmosphere of the clan and I feel like I've finally found a home as a pure. The thing I like most though is the fact that you guys don't look down on lower levels when we are training up, constantly encouraging us to get those levels! That being said, when I finally get my app in and hopefully get accepted I'm gonna be ready to fucking GO boys!!!!!!!!!!
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    Vetion is now an honorary member of IR
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    It's been brought to my attention that Fatality has made several topics on their forums about their supposed "victory" versus us in a planned run in this evening; in other words, they were first to log out, despite us having 20+ still on the battlefield as they dipped out of multi and logged with the speed of Usain Bolt. First, I'd like to congratulate Fatality on pulling 27 to what was supposed to be a 20v20 run in. I believe they pulled around the same numbers to their trip earlier in the day. While I was shocked by your numbers, I was also disappointed considering we had exactly 21 as we told them we had beforehand. Fatality is well aware that we were dominating the majority of the fight until they they were able to get us down in numbers while we were all out of food and prayer. They took this opportunity to claim a win and log while we had our return group logging in. We were puzzled as to why Fatality had had enough already, but I guess it makes sense given the sad state of their clan. The fact that we pushed them around for a good 30 minutes+ down numbers and outleveled - including having a level 70 and another guy 61 range/79 strength - is a testament to our quality, their lack thereof, or both. You already have enough enemies, Fi. You don't want to make another one. P.S. if any Fi member reads this, tell Victory Laps I said hello and ask how he's decided to spend that 180m he took from our members.
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    Behind the silence lmfao:
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    Today, December 5th, 2017, we had a scheduled P2P prep versus Fatality. We peaked at 39 members and honestly everyone of us that attended today, was top notch. Our core is looking incredible. In our preps in the past we were victorious but our two most recent preps versus FI, we came short. We wanted to bring the firepower today and that is exactly what we did. Fatality has been coming off of a lot of success so they are nothing to sniff at. We were the better clan today and we looked impressive as individuals. Take pride in yourselves and in us. Be proud to be apart of this because in the end, it is all of us as individuals that make up this family and community. Good work boys and girls. Friday we fight these guys in F2P...be on! <3 ~ Videos ~ @Evan @lovemaria @Josh ~ Round 1 ~ Lost in a close one ~ Round 2 ~ IR Starting: 37 FI Starting: 37 IR Ending: 7 FI Ending: 0 ~ Round 3 ~ IR Starting: 37 FI Starting: 37 IR Ending: 21 FI Ending: 0
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    Rip a clan i never knew ;p 'Special Forces' sounds like an autistim help group
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    Firstly, I want to thank everybody who came to this fun event. We had to wait an extra hour due to discord going down due to server issues. The discord bot was bumping halloween themed tunes all night, the atmosphere was great. We had about 15 people watching the fights from up top. @Kane won and went undefeated in all of his fights <3 Congrats!!!! Colossal Came in 2nd. @Guest @High Council @Member @Proud Member @Warlord @Senior @Retired @Applicant @Guests
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    Enjoy! Phase 2 btw. @Applicant @Clan Friend @Elite @Elder @Guest @High Council @Member @Officer @Proud Member @Retired @Senior @Veteran @Warlord
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    After destroying PX last weekend, we approached them for a friendly F2P prep. After easily smoking them the first round, they felt the need to bend to rules/try to out-alpha a superior clan by trying to defend plateau (lmfao). It surely takes weak leadership to resort to scum tactics to even have an inkling of winning a prep against the big dogs. was ez PX. @Josh @DINGLBERRY @Applicant @Clan Friend @Elder @Elite @High Council @Leader @Member @Officer @Proud Member @Retired @Senior @Warlord
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    dump any pics you have. my POV: @Daddy's POV - notice how he auto casts barrage and clumps our own members
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    Thanks for showing us your leaks, idiot "you moron" -cliffs px leader (salso) pms tremor to leak to px px leader screenshares his screen which has 2 of their leaks px loses two spys
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    Today Intense Redemption set out with 55 peaking at 59 and maintaining 50+ opts for nearly 3 hours. Supremacy's topic yesterday got fucking wrecked and disqualified for their shit use of mains to get victories LMFAO. Their sign up weekend ended very weakly thanks to the boys in blue who flexed hard today. Every fight we had versus Supremacy ended in seconds in our favor. It was not hard today. We even took them on 2v1 and left their TeamSpeak awkward and feuding for a large majority of their trip. They wanted this and continue to pry at us, they will not win after their months of 25 man pulls and our consistent 50+ weekend after weekend. No matter what shit they throw at us, honor, passion, dedication and true commitment to IR will reign victorious. Moral of the story, good fucking shit today and yesterday. Our matched quality in both servers stood strong. Everybody that came, made an impact. We are doing this together, be proud. We had hits on Phoenix trying to team on us with SUP, we had a fight versus Fatality that got fucked by mains and GDZ and we destroy Outlaws when trying to hit us as we spanked Sup. Happy Birthday Austin and Adam! ~ Videos ~ @Runefury @Josh
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    Should I make my name "Zo is 1bang" again? Pulled 70+, fought multiple clans 2v1 and took out some big clans at the time. Who's ready to grow together again?
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    lost cuz i wasn't there... typical
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    http://www.ir-rs.com | Are you Intense Enough? | http://www.ir-rs.com Today IR set out on our first ever P2P Sunday Trip. We peaked at 62 members, lasting 3 hours and maintaining 50+ opts for a large majority of the trip. Today was a step into the right direction. We had our rough patches as it seems this server is a lot of crashing and quick movements to locations for hits. We will continue to get better and master it. Reflect on today if you were there, how can we all improve as individuals so our personal accomplishments turn into clan triumphs. This is just the beginning, STAY HUNGRY. LETS FUCKING GO!!!!! @`JD @Evan Our first hit on the server was a cluster of Rage, Supremacy and OP. We held our own had the most mother fuckers there and just did damage. OP was on the ropes, had a beautiful spread by ghost hut focusing West. Eventually EOP crashed and we gloried out to get on to our next hit. We then tried to set up a few Run Ins with DOOM. Unfortunately EOP and Foe infested their clan and we couldn't get any clean action with them. We dropped the fight and moved on get some more action. We got a quick hop out and got word of UB fighting at bandits. We ran in and Barraged the tele spot absolutely melting them down. A few of us got on the outside of lava and just laid into them. Way too much fun, magic xp was gained. Eventually FOE crashed and got a regroup. Our next hit was a cluster of OP, UB and Misfits. We rushed in from graves and started the focus on Misfits. We got word EOP was logging in so we ran to top east to avoid a hit. We then found misfits isolated and started tearing them until the fight was crashed. Good work IR great listening, shit was LIT. After our skirmished we asked Unbreakable for a run in North of Falador. We defended and got a spread, they rushed in. Both clans were clumped and damage was being dealt on both ends. This shit was fun as hell, we got word of FOE and DOOM about to crash so we gloried out to get a regroup to hit the cluster fuck that was about to ensue. Our last bit of action was in Al Kharid @Yousif home land. We tried setting up a run-in with DOOM but Misfits insisted on joining the party. This was a sick return battle with tons of beautiful calls to reposition and gain the upper hand. We had both clans cleared several times. DOOM eventually sat in single east of general store and we ended our trip. Congrats @Titans on 99 Range!!!!
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    Wish i was able to attend the event. i'll be there next week boys and girls!
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    Was a good fight, gj staying on top.
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