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    October 3rd, 2020 For Kane June 20, 1996 - September 25, 2020 Intense Redemption - 2008-2020 Today was a special day, dedicated to a special man. Despite having closed our doors over a year ago, Intense Redemption and so many other friends and people inspired by Kane set out for a memorial trip into the wilderness with 100+ individuals . A true testament to the influence he had on this community, this force made a major impact on today for nearly 2 hours. A legend in life and within Intense Redemption and the Runescape Pure Clan Community as a whole. I’d like to thank you all for gathering today in memory of Kane. As most of you know he was a bedrock IR member for over a decade and beloved by all. As a cornerstone of our community, a founding member of #JASS, and key member of Kitty Gamers, Kane permeated the entire pure community and no accurate retelling could be done without him. Kane was one of the funniest and entertaining members in the history of our clan. You could always count on him to brighten up a channel and make people laugh, but Kane knew when to turn it on too. One of our most loyal and devoted members, he held many ranks and always he found a way to contribute - to which I am personally thankful. As we all gather today to mourn, let’s remember that the real value of this game has and always will be the friendships and experiences. Kane knew this and acted on it having met with and connected with IR members from across the US all the way to slapping Amenakoydem’s Dutch ass in the Netherlands. While Today we mourn a friend, we’re also celebrating a life lived fully. Kane may be gone, but he will not be forgotten. His spirit will live on through the impact he’s made on each of us. Most importantly His spirit lives on through the friendships and connections forged, the laughs had and the memories made. We will carry his spirit along with us all. Now I’d like to take a brief moment of silence to pay our respects. - Titans Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kane, for 12 years of camaraderie, friendship, laughs, and great memories. #Jass Love you forever- walo 🎥The Media🎥 ⚔️The Action⚔️ Our tribute trip for Kane started out when we left the Ferrox Enclave and headed east to Chaos Altar where we were soon rushed by Fatality. We engaged in a clean battle in the vicinity of Chaos Altar and Corp Hill before breaking it off. Thank you to Fatality for the clean action, and even more for the beautiful shoutouts to Kane. We soon after teleported up to Bandit Camp where we had a skirmish with Zenith and took a promising advantage in the battle before Fatality entered in to hit Zenith, pushing them to singles zone at which point we called a regroup and moved onto the next bit of action. Thanks to Zenith as well for their shoutout to Kane. This time we found ourselves back at Chaos Altar and pushed into an ongoing fight between Apex and Legacy that was taking place. Legacy fled from the altar and headed north, a move which we followed while continuing to kill them. As we moved even further north we had a fun sighting of our old nemesis supremacy as well as clan Final Ownage and proceeded to get some really good kills on both of them in a cluster of action! A little while later and we once again were at Chaos altar fighting Legacy, we battled it out and had taken the advantage when Rage made an entrance from West, we quickly made a movement East into the trees and fought Rage for a while before they dispersed. Not finished yet we moved onto Corp Hill and fought with Legacy again until we took the victory with a commanding number lead. For our next bit of fun we once again had to pay supremacy a visit south of Bandit Camp, quickly overwhelming them with a blue wave and sending them into singles zone east 😉. After removing all traces of yellow capes from Bandit Camp we continued on by fighting Apex and Final Ownage destroying their numbers in droves with our bows and scimitars. Later on we entered a fight involving Legacy and Final Ownage at Bandit Camp, picking off members of both clans until we were able to get another clean fight set up. To end the day off with the best fight possible we got another fight set up with Fatality north of Chaos Altar, in an epic battle we pushed each other back and forth for over 15 minutes, eventually Legacy arrived and the fight moved to Corp Hill where we continued to show superior organization and skill in picking off anything that crossed our paths. We ended our day after having a blast, and making a hell of a statement in honor of you Kane, I know you're smiling at us and that's all we can ask for.
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